Phi Eta Sigma

The MHS Software

The My Honor Society™ Management System was developed custom for honor societies. MHS is a cost effective management system that empowers honor societies to leverage web technology to streamline operations for all the stakeholders, including the national office, sponsors and students. MHS began as a custom solution for one society, but since then the system has been expanded and tweaked to serve any honor society that needs to maximize efficiency and provide the technological administration and functionality members and sponsors expect. While the management system uses a number of shared components, it is also customizable to serve the unique needs of most honor societies.

The Company

My Honor Society™ is owned by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). ARELLO is an international association that has served members of the global real estate regulatory community since 1930. ARELLO's commitment to technology and association management services positioned it to expand service offerings across multiple industries and professions. ARELLO's strength in association management and technology has given it a special advantage in assisting honor societies in administrative management. The ARELLO Technology staff has had over 10 years experience creating custom association management systems. You can learn more about ARELLO at ARELLO provides association management and technology services to a number of different clients.